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At Oasis Medispa we use the Candela Gentle Lase Pro, which is the latest Laser on the market. It is a gold standard, medical grade Laser and all our therapists are certified Syneron Candela Laser practitioners.

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of hair removal the market has to offer. Laser hair removal is the only method of permanent hair reduction available.

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We offer exceptional laser prices to ensure your continued visits are valued to us.

See below for our pricing chart as of 2nd August 2019 or see our full Price List for current specials.

Laser Hair RemovalPrice (Incl. GST)
Upper Lip$15
Lip & Chin$25
Full Face$45
Full Face & Neck$55
Sides of Face$29
Male Face Sculpting (Including Neck)$45
Front / Back of Neck$29

Brazilian & Underarms
Male Brazilian

1/2 Arms
Full Arms
1/2 Legs
Full Legs
1/2 Back
Full Back
Back & Shoulders
Chest & Stomach

1/2 Legs, Brazilian & Underarms
Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms
Full Upper Body
Standard Full Body (Full Legs, 1/2 Arms, Full Face, Brazilian, Underarms & Snail Trail)
Female Full Body
Male Full Body


    How Does Laser Work?
  • Laser is attracted to the pigment, which is found in the follicle. Every time the light hits the follicle, a portion of the follicle is destroyed. Regular treatments ensure for optimal results. To achieve an 80% or greater permanent hair reduction you will require 6 to 10 treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Maintenance sessions may be required.
    Will Laser Work for Me?
  • Laser hair removal is suited to most people and most hair types. The only exception is blonde, red, or white hair. However, it is important to let a highly trained expert assess your needs. Results may vary from client to client. Other factors that need to be taken into consideration include medical history (i.e., hormonal imbalances) and tanning history.
    Is Laser Dangerous?
  • No, Laser is not dangerous in the hands of trained clinicians. After completing a thorough analysis we decide on the best treatment solution for you. After the treatment you may be slightly pink but this normally subsides quite quickly. It is extremely important that you advise your therapist of any changes in your medical or tanning history, as this may affect the treatment outcome. There are no health risks associated with Laser use.
    Is Maintenance Required?
  • Maintenance is extremely important! Even though you may not see the hair growth it is important to maintain your treatments every 3 to 6 months OR 6 to 12 months depending on the hair reduction you have achieved.

    Pre Treatment Instructions
    • Shave hair 24 hours prior to treatment;
    • NO plucking for 2 to 4 weeks prior;
    • NO waxing for 2 to 4 weeks prior;
    • NO tweezing for 2 to 4 weeks prior;
    • NO bleaching for 2 to 4 weeks prior;
    • NO spray tan residue;
    • NO direct UV exposure for 48 hours prior to the treatment.

    Post Treatment Instructions
    • Avoid physical activities for 24 hours after laser treatment;
    • Avoid direct sunlight or solariums for 48 hours after laser treatment;
    • Shower using luke warm water only;
    • Apply SPF 30+ on all areas that are exposed to the sun;
    • Start exfoliating areas after 48 hours of laser treatment;
    • Hair will take up to 21 days to fall out of the follicle;
    • Apply our post laser soothing gel for 3 days after laser, both morning and night.

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